A New Decision

The following is a portion of my first diary entry. The parts that are not included in this entry are personal and has nothing to do with writing.

After what seemed like a permanent hiatus, I’ve finally decided to start a diary again. The last time I kept a diary was in my primary school days. I probably had a rather romantic notion about diary keeping which was why I started it then. None of the pages from my childhood still exists. I probably threw it out the last time I cleared my room. Then again, my childish musings could hardly be of any use save for nostalgic amusement. I certainly was no Anne Frank.

This time, I was inspired to restart this habit by two articles that I read today – both of them from The Art of Manliness. The first article was an excerpt from Arnold Bennett about existence and the act of writing a diary. The second article is a more straightforward article about how and why one should start a diary. After giving much thought about it, I realise that both articles have a kernel of truth in it. Besides, now that I’m turning 23 and have been blessed with a decent education, perhaps my thoughts and secrets would be of use to someone – be it my future self or otherwise. The challenge ahead is to be consistent about it.

Those who know me personally will be surprised that I’ve chosen an electronic  medium to write my diary since I’m mostly averse to technology. It would be a beautiful thing if I could spend a couple of hours writing into a leather bound diary with a fountain pen. Alas, I don’t have the luxury of time nor – considering that this is a long term activity – the physical space to keep the diaries. I’ve thought of starting a private blog but that means I’ll not write my most intimate thoughts in it for the fear of someone hacking it or accidentally making the post public. As such, the current arrangement – whatever that is – is the best compromise.


Old but Possibly Interesting Stuff

Dear readers, I would like to thank all new followers to my blog as well as those who have liked and ‘favourited’ my posts. As school has begun, I’m completely swarmed with work and would have very little time to write my thoughts on writing and literature in general. Recently, I’ve rediscovered an old poem I’ve wrote as well as an interview I gave on my thoughts on literature as an editor of the school’s literary journal. I do hope it would be interesting to you. Do let me know your thoughts on my poem as well as my comments on literature!

I wrote the following poem for my cousin’s wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Poem

Here is the interview I gave to my university’s radio station.

If you are wondering what Symbal is about, here is the latest and last issue of Symbal which I will be editing.