Book Reviews

A most common advice from any writer to improve on your writing is to read more and read critically. Sometimes, in my eagerness to be published by literary journals or anthologies, I often forget to read. In fact, reading is one way to work on my craft when I do not have the time to write.

As such, to discipline myself, I have decided to read more and post book reviews whenever I can. Hopefully this will keep this blog more active and I would love to engage in a conversation over books with my followers and occasional readers. While I am in the midst of preparing for my school exams, I have decided to pick up a book and read it while commuting. So what am I reading now?

Beyond the Village Gate

Additionally, I am still thinking of whether I should start a YouTube channel and film myself reviewing books and performances. I realised that no one in Singapore is doing that and there should be more discussion about our local arts scene. It is also a great way to promote our local literature and shows as well. Furthermore, while watching YouTubers from abroad doing book reviews, I am not really satisfied with the way they review books. They tend to focus too much on the plot and almost nothing on the writing save for a few vague comments on character development.

Who knows? If I have a strong enough response, I will set up a dedicated blog for all my reviews and as a complement to my YouTube channel (if I should decide to go ahead with it).

So what do you think? What books should I read and review? Do you want to see a YouTube channel that does reviews? Leave a comment!


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Literary Criticism: How and Why by Simon Leys

Beautiful lecture on the what literature can offer to the reader, the functions of literary criticism, and some pitfalls of it to avoid.

By literary criticism, Leys just means a written response to the work and is not referring to any of the literary theories such as structuralism, post-modernism etc. He feels that getting too caught up in these theories may impede in the enjoyment of the work.