Para Limes

Michael Puett —An Alternative to the Self, Economy, and Society
♦ Event coverage of a talk given by Dr Michael Puett on Chinese philosophy.

Q&A and Relections on Michael Puett’s Talk
♦ Second part of the event coverage and a personal response to the points mentioned in the talk. 

The Italian Quarter

Commedia Dell’Arte – Singapore Style
♦ Event coverage of a Commedia Dell’Arte presentation by Marco Luly and Roger Jenkins at Libary @ Esplanade. 

Club Spirit (Magazine for Serangoon Gardens Country Club)

Larry Lai Recalls (August-September 2019 issue)
♦ Interview with veteran DJ Larry Lai about his career with Rediffusion.

From Neverland to Serangoon Gardens (August-September 2019 issue)
♦ Interview with director Ivan Heng and playwright Thomas Lim about W!ld Rice’s upcoming production, Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens.

Relive your Childhood (August-September 2019 issue)
♦ Interview with TJ Taylor, artistic director of Sing’Theatre, on the company’s upcoming production, A Spoonful of Sherman.

A Dream of a Ship (August-September 2019 issue)
♦ Feature on Genting Dream cruise.

Striking Gold (June-July 2019 issue)
♦ Interview with national bowler, Arianne Tay.

Give in to the Dark Side (June-July 2019 issue)
♦ Feature on a series of events called After Dark that the club is organising.

Multi-Colourism for National Day (June-July 2019 issue)
♦ Feature on the club’s upcoming National Day celebrations.

August Man

A Fine Eye (September 2014)
♦ Interview with fine art photographer, Lalin Jinasena, ahead of his exhibition at Raffles Hotel.  

The Kent Ridge Common

UpFront! With Faith Ng, Playwright of Normal
♦ Interview with Faith Ng about her play, Normal, staged by Checkpoint Theatre.

Young & W!ld Reboot

Upfront! with Oon Shu An, Actress in #UnicornMoment

Upfront! with Zaini Mohammad Tahir, Artistic Director of NUS Dance Ensemble 

Book Launch: The Tommy Koh Reader

An Evening at the Chinese Theatre Circle

Joanna Wong: An Idomitable Life, An Operatic Legacy

Notes on “Material Culture of Bukit Brown Cemetery”

Symbal Magazine

A Review of In My Mother’s House


Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor & His Legacy


BeginningsSymbal Magazine (Issue 1)

A Spectrum FramedEunoia Review

Meetings Unmet, Eastlit (October 2013)

Gypsies’ Lament: Songs of Our FathersEastlit (October 2013)

Quarter-life CrisisMalaise (Issue 1), Print

Character StudyWallflowers Second Anniversary Exhibition


Perservation, Journal of Microliterature