Photo: Jon Cancio

Isaac Tan is a performer, writer, and educator based in Singapore.


Isaac’s performance experience spans across theatre, opera, and dance (flamenco, classical Spanish dance, and Irish dance). He was last seen in Anything Can Happen / Something Must Happen by Young & W!ld, directed by Edith Podesta. He has performed in various shows commissioned by festivals such as Future of Our Past Festival 2019, PAssionArts Festival 2018, NUS Arts Festival 2016, and Lit Up Festival 2012.


Isaac has written event coverage, articles, and social media posts for corporate clients and academic institutions, both in print and online. 

He is also an independent arts writer since 2011, and most of his reviews and interviews are featured in the blog section. This website hosts a bibliography of all the theatre,  dance, and book reviews he has written for various publications and organisations, as well as for pleasure.

He was also appointed as an external assessor for theatre by the National Arts Council from 2016 to 2019.

Apart from commercial work, he has published poems and prose in literary journals such as Eunoia Review, Malaise, and Eastlit


As an educator, Isaac has been involved in the instruction of academic subjects and performing arts.

He is currently an assistant module coördinator of GEI1001 Computational Reasoning, offered by the Department of Philosophy, National University of Singapore (NUS). 

He is a private English tutor and is teaching students from various levels. He has also taught Spanish dance to adults, and speech and drama to teenagers. 


For casting, collaborations, or commissions, Isaac can be reached at isaactanbr@gmail.com or via the contact form below: