Changes and the Things We Return To (published with Centre 42)
The Good, the Bad, and the Sholay by Checkpoint Theatre
26 November 2015
Theatre Studio, Esplanade
26 – 29 November 2015

The Joy of Playing Dress-up (published on this website)
The Emperor’s New Clothes by W!ld Rice
21 November 2015
Drama Centre Theatre
20 November–12 December 2015

Brook Makes Audience Battle Boredom (published on this website)
Battlefield by Peter Brook & Singapore Repertory Theatre
21 November 2015, 3p.m.
Capitol Theatre
17–21 November 2015

Definitely Not Fool’s Gold (published on this website)
A Twisted Kingdom by Dark Matter Theatrics
12 November 2015
The Substation
12–14 November 2015

Chinglish’s Mis-translations Test Preconceived Notions (published with Centre 42)
Chinglish by Pangdemonium!
15 October 2015
Drama Centre Theatre
9–25 October 2015

Six Characters Questioning the Premise of Theatre (published on this website)
Six Characters in Search of an Author by Théâtre de la Ville
10 September 2015
Victoria Theatre
10–12 September 2015

Lovey-Dovey Silliness (published with Centre 42)
Hello Goodbye by Singapore Repertory Theatre
5 September 2015
DBS Arts Centre—Home of the SRT
2–26 September 2015

What is the Point of Confrontation? (published with Centre 42)
Versus by Cake Theatrical Productions
21 August 2015
SOTA Drama Theatre
20–22 August 2015

Not as Memorable as it Should Be (published on this website)
Dementia by Proton Theatre
13 August 2015
Victoria Theatre
13–15 August 2015

A Decent and Modest Epic (published on this website)
The LKY Musical by Metropolitan Productions
30 July 2015
Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands
21 July – 16 August 2015

The Magic of an Expensive Production (published on this website)
Vision by Lawrence Khong & Priscilla Khong
5 July 2015
Esplanade Theatre
3–12 July 2015

A Celebration of Two Countries (published on this website)
Another Country by W!ld Rice
27 June 2015
Drama Centre Theatre
25 June–11 July 2015

Sepia-Soaked Banality (published with Centre 42)
QUARTERS குவாட்ரஸ் by Avant Theatre
19 June 2015
Victoria Theatre
19–20 June 2015

Tribal Triumph (published with Centre 42)
Tribes by Pangdemonium!
5 June 2015
Drama Centre Theatre
22 May–2 June 2015

Tan’s Soul-Searching Play Still Relevant Today (published with Centre 42)
The Lady of Soul and Her Ultimate ‘S’ Machine by Zizi Azah
7 May 2015
Esplanade Theatre Studio
7–10 May 2015

Jeff Chen’s Retelling Mutes Kuo (published with Centre 42)
Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral by Jeff Chen
3 May 2015, 3pm
Esplanade Theatre Studio
30 April–3 May 2015

Normal Makes the Grade (published in Kent Ridge Common)
Normal by Checkpoint Theatre
9 April 2015
Drama Centre Black Box
9–19 April 2015

Tartuffe Entertains in Mandarin (published with Centre 42)
Tartuffe by Nine Years Theatre
5 February 2015
National Museum Gallery Theatre
4–8 February 2015

Circle Sans Transformation (published with Centre 42)
Circle Mirror Transformation by Pangdemonium!
29 January 2015
DBS Arts Centre—Home of the SRT
29 January–15 February 2015

Paddy’s Struggle Lives On (published with Centre 42)
With/Out by Loo Zihan
14 January 2015
Centre 42 Black Box and Rehearsal Studio
14–18 January 2015


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