What Disaster? What Land? (published on this website)
No Disaster on This Land by The Finger Players
25 February 2022
Drama Centre Black Box
24–27 February 2022

On the Side of Humanity (published on this website)
Borderline by PSYCHEdelight (UK)
12–23 January 2022

Ills That We Conveniently Overlook (published on this website)
OK Land by Circle Theatre (Thailand)
12–23 January 2022


‘The Karims’ Explores the Burdens and Warmth of Familial Ties (published on this website)
Keluarga Besar En. Karim (The Karims) by Checkpoint Theatre
Online, Sistic Live
29 September–15 October 2021

RevoLOOtion—Resolutely Seeking Alternatives (published on this website)
RevoLOOtion by Intercultural Theatre Institute
29 April 2021
Goodman Arts Centre Black Box
29 April–1 May 2021

Throwing One’s Hands Up (published on this website)
Hands Up by Split Theatre
5 March 2021
Sigma Collective Space
5–7 March 2021


Take Stock of Locks and Barriers (published on this website)
Two Songs and a Story by Checkpoint Theatre
Online, Sistic Live
6–31 August 2020

Natural Inspirations (published on this website)
A Grand Design (An Audio Experience) by Checkpoint Theatre
Spotify and Soundcloud
1-12 July 2020