The Nightmare of Changing and Conforming (published with Centre 42)
Cut Kafka! by Nine Years Theatre and T.H.E. Dance Company
1 March 2018
Esplanade Theatre Studio
1–4 March 2018

More of a Fairy Tale than Andersen’s Original (published on this website)
The Immortal Sole by Edith Podesta
18 January 2018
Esplanade Theatre Studio
17–20 January 2018


Innovative Adoration (published on this website)
Bosque Adora by Rocío Molina (with Eduardo Guerrero and Fernando Jiménez)
27 October 2017
Esplanade Theatre
27–28 October 2017


Cross-Cultural Epic (published on this website)
Vinayaka by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy
16 October 2016
School of the Arts Drama Theatre

Expressive Gratitude (published on this website)
Na Mah by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy
16 April 2016
Esplanade Theatre Studio
16 April 2016, 3pm & 7:30pm