2016:  Ensemble actor in Now, Then, Again by NUS Theatre Ensemble for NUS Arts Festival 2016, directed by Tan Shou Chen

2012: Acted as Mr Lock in Paper Men by The Common Folk (now Dark Matter Theatrics) for Lit Up Festival, directed by Christopher Fok



2013: Performed as a trainee dancer in Sketches of Spain by Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company, conceived by Angel Gomez



Beginnings, Symbal Magazine (Issue 1)

A Spectrum Framed, Eunoia Review

Meetings Unmet, Eastlit (October 2013)

Gypsies’ Lament: Songs of Our Fathers, Eastlit (October 2013)

Quarter-life Crisis, Malaise (Issue 1), Print

Character Study, Wallflowers Second Anniversary Exhibition



Perservation, Journal of Microliterature



August Man

A Fine Eye (September 2014)


The Kent Ridge Common

UpFront! With Faith Ng, Playwright of Normal

Young & W!ld Reboot

Upfront! with Oon Shu An, Actress in #UnicornMoment

Upfront! with Zaini Mohammad Tahir, Artistic Director of NUS Dance Ensemble 

Book Launch: The Tommy Koh Reader

An Evening at the Chinese Theatre Circle

Joanna Wong: An Idomitable Life, An Operatic Legacy

Notes on “Material Culture of Bukit Brown Cemetery”


Symbal Magazine

A Review of In My Mother’s House



Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor & His Legacy

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