Lavish Panto-Fusion (published on this website)
Monkey Goes West by W!ld Rice
29 November 2016
Drama Centre Theatre
18 November–17 December 2016

The Reviewer Reviewed (published on this website)
My Mother Buys Condoms by W!ld Rice
Singapore Theatre Festival 2016
24 July 2016, 3pm
Creative Cube, Lasalle College of the Arts
14 — 24 July 2016

Turning Up The Heat on Politics (published on this website)
Geng Rebut Cabinet by Teater Ekamatra
Commissioned by W!ld Rice for Singapore Theatre Festival 2016
14 July 2016
Flexible Performance Space, Lasalle College of the Arts
14 — 24 July 2016

Jacques Brel Revisited (published on this website)
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well & Living in Paris by Sing’Theatre
28 May 2016, 4pm
SOTA Drama Theatre
26 May—4 June 2016

Imaginative Retelling of the Zodiac Race (published on this website)
Ready! Set! Zo! by I Theatre’s Creative Edge
28 May 2016, 10am
The Substation
25–29 May 2016

Dollar Store Emily (published on this website)
Emily the Musical by Musical Theatre Ltd
21 May 2016
SOTA Theatre Studio
20–22 May 2016

Dark Room Sheds (More) Light on Prison Life (published on this website)
Dark Room by Edith Podesta
28 April 2016
Esplanade Theatre Studio
28 April–1 May 2016

“A World Beyond Common Sense” (published on this website)
Intrusions by Jean Ng & Joavien Ng
31 March 2016
Esplanade Theatre Studio
31 March–2 April 2016

Not Totally Effective (published on this website)
The Effect by Pangdemonium!
13 March 2016, 3pm
Victoria Theatre
25 February–13 March 2016