Check Point Charlie (published on this website)
Charlie by Bhumi Collective
3 December 2018
Goodman Arts Centre, Block L, #01-46
20 November–7 December 2018

Cycles of Violence (published on this website)
Cerita Cinta by akulah BIMBO SAKTI
3 November 2018
Esplanade Theatre Studio
1–4 November 2018

Fool-ish Interludes (published with Centre 42)
Lear is Dead by Nine Years Theatre
26 October 2018
Drama Centre Theatre
26–28 October 2018

Well-pitched Souvenir (published on this website)
Souvenir by Sing’Theatre
25 September 2018
KC Arts Centre—Home of the SRT
19–29 September 2018

Easy, Tiger! (published on this website)
Tiger of Malaya by Teater Ekamatra
19 September 2018
Drama Centre Black Box
12–23 September 2018

A Patchwork of Surprise and Abhorrence (published on this website)
The Ordinary and the Unspectacular by The Theatre Practice
16 August 2018
Practice Space
16–19 August 2018

A Patchwork of Surprise and Abhorrence (published on this website)
Immortalx by The Theatre Practice
8 August 2018, 2 p.m.
Practice Space
1–12 August 2018

Drab in the Hat (published with Centre 42)
Cat in the Hat by The Young Company, Singapore Repertory Theatre
11 August 2018, 11 a.m.
KC Arts Centre—Home of the SRT
1 August–7 September 2018

Ennobled Duckling (published with Centre 42)
Ugly Duckling by Arts Theatre of Singapore
5 August 2018, 3.30 p.m.
Gateway Theatre Black Box
1–5 August 2018

Well-Packaged Promenade (published with Centre 42)
Chinatown Crossings by Drama Box
18 July 2018, 7.30 p.m.
Various venues in Chinatown
22 June–18 August 2018

Too Clever a Character (published on this website)
Building a Character by W!ld Rice
Part of Singapore Theatre Festival 2018
7 July 2018, 7.30 p.m.
Creative Cube, LaSalle College of the Arts
5–8 July 2018

Trite Julie Leaves One Pissed (published with Centre 42)
Pissed Julie by Nine Years Theatre
18 May 2018
KC Arts Centre—Home of the SRT
17–20 May 2018

More than Fist-Pumping and Finger-Flicking (published on this website) 
Thick Beats for Good Girls by Checkpoint Theatre
17 April 2018
Drama Centre Black Box
5–22 April 2018

A Love Letter to Waterloo Street (published on this website)
Four Horse Road by The Theatre Practice
12 April 2018
42, 48, and 54 Waterloo Street
4–28 April 2018

If Walls Could Speak (published with Centre 42)
Excavations by Singapore Art Museum
15 April 2018
Singapore Art Museum
6–8, 12–15 April 2018

Dancing Beautifully on a Knife’s Edge (published on this website) 
Potong by Teater Ekamatra
22 March 2018
Malay Heritage Centre Auditorium
21–25 March 2018

The Nightmare of Changing and Conforming (published with Centre 42)
Cut Kafka! by Nine Years Theatre and T.H.E. Dance Company
1 March 2018
Esplanade Theatre Studio
1–4 March 2018

Skin Deep, But There’s Potential (published with Centre 42)
Platform Series: Journeys, A Double Bill by GenerAsia
3 February 2018
SOTA Studio Theatre
2–3 February 2018

Wallowing Variation on the Stepford Wife (published with Centre 42)
The Neighbor’s Grief is Greener by Emanuella Amichai
23 January 2018
Esplanade Theatre Studio
23–24 January 2018