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Current Involvement in Education

Assistant Module Coördinator for GEI1001 Computational Reasoning, offered by Department of Philosophy, National University of Singapore.

♦ Module description: Taught by Mr Jonathan Sim, this module teaches undergraduate students (from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) how to employ computational methods to solve problems, and philosophically reflect on the social and ethical issues that arise in the creation of models and implementation of algorithms.

♦ Assisting Mr Sim in crafting assessment rubrics.

♦ Evaluate students’ work as an external grader, and provide feedback to students.

♦ Handle disciplinary cases.

Private English Tutor

♦ Teaching English at primary and secondary school levels. He is able to teach General Paper for A Levels. 


♦ An O-level private candidate improved his grades from D7 to B4 within a year, not only allowing him to stay in the institution he was conditionally admitted to, but giving him a choice to choose a different school should he wish to.

♦ An N-level student improved his grades from B4 to A2, thereby allowing him to skip the fifth year and enter polytechnic directly. 

♦ A primary six student went from C to B in a matter of months. 

Past Teaching Experiences

Assistant Spanish Dance Instructor, Duende SG

♦ Took over lessons for adult beginners according to the Instituto de la Danza Española syllabus when the main instructor is unavailable.

♦ Assisted the main instructor in demonstrating steps, or provided extra coaching to students when needed.

Drama Trainer, inwardBOUND School of Drama

♦ Conducted drama enrichment programmes for secondary school students.

♦ Imparted the basics of stagecraft to them.