Image: Jon Cancio

Isaac Tan graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy, and he read Theatre Studies as a second major at the National University of Singapore. He hopes to join the arts scene as an actor, flamenco dancer, and theatre critic. Clearly, he has a strong interest in the performing arts, literature, music, philosophy and history. Of these, he is especially partial to theatre, poetry, flamenco, and ballet.

He has been reviewing shows since 2015, and his reviews have appeared in Symbal Magazine, Kent Ridge Common, and Centre 42.  He joined the pilot and the first cycle of Centre 42’s Citizens’ Reviews programme. He was the associate editor for the second cycle, and is now a reviewer for the third. He believes that there must be a greater degree of interaction amongst the audience, critics, artists and authorities in order for the arts scene to grow. This is where criticism comes in and he hopes to improve the quality and the standing of theatre criticism in Singapore.

As for his literary output, he is the founder of Symbal Magazine (it is now on WordPress), a literary journal of NUS Literary Society and served as an editor from 2011-3. He has previously published in Eunoia Review,  Eastlit, and Journal of Microliterature. He hopes to publish a collection of works some day.

In terms of articles, he has a byline in Symbal Magazine, The Kent Ridge Common, and August Man (Web and Print).

This site serves as his portfolio and a repository of his views and reviews of the Singapore arts scene. He hopes that his musings would spark a lively conversation about the arts.

If you wish to contact him for interview/review opportunities, collaborations, or just for a chat:

Email: isaactan90@gmail.com

Facebook: Isaac Tan

Twitter: @zacktan

Instagram: isaactanbr

YouTube: Isaac Encounters

Personal blog: Prelude


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