Why should I support you? 

Apart from the odd meal and coffee, your contribution benefits several other people:


In a time of ever-dwindling arts coverage, my articles and reviews gives them a boost in publicity.

Researchers and Students

The content of this website serves as a record. Some of the groups or artists featured on this website are no longer active, and my coverage is a testament to their contributions to the arts scene.

I have been cited and students have approached me for their group projects.

General Readers

My content is never meant to be insular. I strive to inform and entertain anyone who is interested in what I have to say.

What benefits will I receive?

Recurring Contributions

Visit my Patreon profile to make a recurring donations. Do note that the prices are in USD and you might be charged additional taxes.

3 USD per month: Handwritten note and bonus articles for all reviews.

5 USD per month: Handwritten note, bonus articles, and one personal video call.

Basically, the benefits are similar to one-off contributions, but it is cheaper!

One-off Contributions

Please remember to send me a message via the contact form below or for me to verify your contributions.

  • A donation of any amount entitles you to a thank you email.
  • A donation of at least S$3 entitles you to a handwritten note.
  • Every S$5 donated entitles you to one bonus article, detailing my process in crafting a particular review.
  • A donation of S$80 and above entitles you to the additional bonus of a video call where we can discuss anything related to the arts.

So if you were to donate S$50, you are entitled to 1 handwritten letter, 10 bonus articles, and 1 video call. 

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What will my money go towards?

Immediate Expenses: 

  • Domain name.
  • Transport and food costs. 
  • Tickets for shows done by smaller groups who could not afford to offer complimentary tickets.
  • Transcription services for recorded interviews. 

Medium-term Expenses: 

  • Better recording equipment for interviews. 
  • Books for further personal enrichment (e.g., guides, anthologies of reviews by well-known critics, etc.)
  • Workshops for further personal enrichment.
  • Paying for a better WordPress plan to enhance content. 

Future Expenses: 

  • Research projects on theatre criticism and performing arts history. 
  • Hiring web developers and designers to improve the website.
  • Commissioning writers to contribute to the website on a regular basis at market rates.

How else can I support you?

I am looking for collaborators who can produce artwork, paraphernalia, or provide services which I can reward my supporters with.

Drop me an email at and we can work something out!

Conflicts of Interests

Being a firm believer that one should be able to traverse both sides of the footlights, there might be possible conflicts of interest. As such, I have decided to adopt the following policies: 

  • After working with a theatre company, I will not publicly review any of their shows for the next six months. For example, I last worked with Nam Hwa Opera in July 2018. This means that I will only accept an opportunity to review their shows from February 2019. 
  • If I am involved in a particular production, I will not publicly review any show that is running before mine within the same month. For example, if I have a show that runs from 12–15 December, I will not publicly review any show that runs from 1–11 December.
  • The above do not preclude any interviews or features.