For Performing Arts Groups

The best way to support my endeavour is to offer interview and review opportunities. However, do know that I will be perfectly honest in my review. Otherwise, my reviews are useless. 

If you have the means, consider offering ticket giveaways to reward people who support me.

For Individuals

You can make a monthly contribution through my Patreon page. Do note that all the different tiers are in US dollars

For one-off contributions, you can contribute through my Paypal page. If you prefer to donate in Singapore dollars, a one-off contribution through Paypal would be best. Please email me at and state the amount donated for me to verify and send you the rewards.

The rewards for one-off contributions are as follows: 

  • A donation of any amount entitles you to a thank you email.
  • A donation of at least S$2 entitles you to a handwritten thank you note (please state your mailing address in the email).
  • Every S$5 donated entitles you to one bonus article, in which I will detail my process in approaching a particular review.
  • Every S$30 donated entitles you to one challenge to be mutually agreed upon. (E.g., writing a review as a series of haikus).

So if you were to donate S$45, you are entitled to one handwritten letter, nine bonus articles, and one challenge. 

What Will You Do With Our Money?

Immediate Expenses: 

  • Domain name.
  • Transport and food costs. 
  • Tickets for shows done by smaller groups who could not afford to offer complimentary tickets.
  • Transcription services for recorded interviews. 

Medium-term Expenses: 

  • Better recording equipment for interviews. 
  • Books for further personal enrichment (e.g., guides, anthologies of reviews by well-known critics, etc.)
  • Workshops for further personal enrichment.
  • Paying for a better WordPress plan to enhance content. 

Future Expenses: 

  • Research projects on theatre criticism and performing arts history. 
  • Hiring web developers and designers to improve the website.
  • Commissioning writers to contribute to the website on a regular basis at market rates.


While I am still reviewing for Centre 42, the reviews and comments made on this website do not represent the views of Centre 42 and any of its employees. Any crowdfunding efforts are solely of my own initiative for the purpose of this website, and Centre 42 does not endorse them. 

Any reviews written for Centre 42 will only be linked on this website, but not republished here without their prior permission. 

Conflicts of Interests

Being a firm believer that one should be able to traverse both sides of the footlights, there might be possible conflicts of interest. As such, I have decided to adopt the following policies: 

  • After working with a theatre company, I will not publicly review any of their shows for the next three months. For example, I last worked with Nam Hwa Opera in July 2018. This means that I will only accept an opportunity to review their shows from November 2018. 
  • If I am involved in a particular production, I will not publicly review any show that is running before mine within the same month. For example, if I have a show that runs from 12–15 December, I will not publicly review any show that runs from 1–11 December.
  • The above do not preclude any interviews or features.